Pipe tar through SSH to transfer large files

Using tar and ssh to efficiently transfer large files across hosts

Ever ran out of disk space to create a (compressed) archive of a folder you want to backup or transfer to another host?

Here is the solution: directly pipe the output of tar (used to create archives of files and folders, and also often used to compress this final archive) through ssh to retrieve the compressed archive on another host. This allow you to backup large volumes of data when the source host doesn’t have enough space to store the original data + a compressed archive of the data.

From the distant host (the host you want to copy the backup to):

# Execute this on the host that will receive the data from the source server
ssh user@source-server "tar czpf - /some/important/data /some/other/file/or/folder" | tar xzpf - -C /backup/destination/folder

This will copy the two files/folders into /backup/destination/folder on the destination host (the one executing the command).

If on the other hand, you want to send the data to another server and you are executing the SSH commands from the source server, use the following command:

# Execute this on the machine with the data available locally
tar cpf - /some/important/data /some/other/file/or/folder | ssh user@destination-server "tar xpf - -C /backup/destination/folder/"

Published: October 14 2017

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